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A purple parrot with a green head, holding a beer, wearing a bandana and a denim jacket
A pair of Mad Parrots

Let's f*cking go!

Minting will be FREE.

Obviously it goes without saying that you’ll get the IP rights to the parrots you claim.

Sheftali Sheftali
A pair of Mad Parrots

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We got a Discord; pop in and say hello! We’d love to hear from you.

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A couple of Mad Parrots
A couple of Mad Parrots

Frequently asked questions

A pair of Mad Parrots
  • 6969 (30 held back for early supporters), 1 per wallet and... FREE.

  • Negative, everyone gets the same chance to mint.

  • Not for the moment. For now, it’s just about the art (hence it is free). That said, anybody who owns a Mad Parrot will be granted exclusive benefits for any future projects I get involved with.

A pair of Mad Parrots