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An orange parrot smoking a cigar A green parrot wearing a tuxedo drinking red wine

First rule of MPC is...

...not to steal quotes from Fight Club.

The Mad Parrot Crew are a bunch of randomly generated parrots who like to wear goofy shit, drink lots, fight more and can often be spotted holding anything (and everything) from a glass of wine to a deadly Katana.

It's a great film, check it out.

Just so we're clear: We don't condone violence of any kind, nor do we endorse the idea that parrots are deadly psychopaths. However, we do find the idea of a parrot holding nunchucks, smoking a joint or sporting an afro absolutely fucking hilarious and hopefully so do you do... otherwise, you're NGMI.

An orange parrot smoking a cigar A green parrot wearing a tuxedo drinking red wine

Crew Perks

Being a Mad Parrot token holder entitles you to the following:

  • IP (Intellectual Property) rights over your Mad Parrot(s)
  • Automatic enlistment in exclusive monthly giveaways for a FREE PFP derivative by Sheftali
  • Exclusive access to the limited supply run of merch
  • Access to the private Crew section of the website (coming soon) which will allow you to generate digital art unique to your Mad Parrot(s) such as custom device wallpapers, PFP backgrounds etc

A crew is only as strong as it's members, so aside from the above you also have a say in the decisions we make. Ultimately it will be on the founders to execute, but as a crew member your voice will be heard.

The FREE PFP derivative will only be valid on other PFP projects.

Roadmap 1.0 (Mint)

  1. 15ETH deposited to Community Wallet

    We’ve got ideas for Roadmap 2.0, and between myself (Shef) and Iac… we’re pretty darn talented if I do say humbly. But, unless we’re confident we can deliver our vision to an absolute Grade-A quality - we will be more than happy to delegate to people who can. And for this reason we’re establishing a wallet. We’ll start off by depositing 15E.

    Purchase land

    We need space for our Mad Parrots to hang. (We’ll do extensive research, as well as convene with the community to come to a decision on which we platform we go with)

    Mad Parrots & ETH Giveaway

    All token holders will be entered into a raffle for 5x Mad Parrots as well as 10ETH!

    Each token will count as an entry.


  2. 15ETH deposited to Community Wallet

    BAKC Giveaway

    All token holders will be entered into a raffle to win a Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT!

    Each token will count as an entry.


  3. 15ETH deposited to Community Wallet

    Merch designs revealed

    What kind of project doesn’t have merch? Not this one. Think beanies, caps, hoodies, tees etc, (Limited run, exclusive to the crew)

    Another Mad Parrots & ETH Giveaway

    Yeah, we love to give. All token holders will be entered into a raffle for 10x Mad Parrots as well as 15ETH!

    Each token will count as an entry.


  4. 15ETH deposited to Community Wallet

    Operation: ‘For Better or Worse’* begins

    MAYC Giveaway

    All token holders will be entered into a raffle to win a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT!

    Each token will count as an entry.


Roadmap 2.0

Operation: For Better or Worse

One of our crew members picked up a bug in the jungle whilst on a heist job. (an actual bug, not a virus - cmon people, too soon) Our hostage-turned scientist, Dr. Tetrarch Tomb was able to churn out an elixir based on very little research and no huma... parrot testing. The results when applied to a Mad Parrot? It could go either way, you’ll have to wait and see.

TL:DR: 1 Elixir (Free mint to all Mad Parrot holders), when applied to a Mad Parrot will create another variant (NFT). It'll either be more crazy, or slightly more innocent. Whatever the case, there will also be another elixir available on the secondary market which if applied will guarantee the 'other' variant (second NFT). (You'll get a chance to have both variants per Mad Parrot owned).

Operation: Beat em’ to the punch!

We can’t disclose too much about this just yet, but let’s just say we’re keeping our eyes open to some trends in the space and acting accordingly... (It’ll be an ‘oooh’ moment when it comes).

...and more creative stuff

We’re committed to ensuring the Mad Parrot Crew lives on way past the roadmap illustrated above. We'll continue to contribute to the web3 space and give back to the community that has made all this possible. If you know me (Sheftali) and are familiar with my work then you know creating art is a passion of mine which will never slow down, plus Iac’s fascination in Web3 grows daily. While we’re not fans of over-promising (who is?) we have ideas, and we’re ambitious, and if it can be done we’ll do our best to deliver (with outside help if need).


  • Prize box with a parrot egg inside


    These are reserved for founders, early supporters and giveaways.

  • Parrot eggs inside incubators


    These will be available to the public via minting.

A diamond parrot beak

Diamond-beak club

If your Mad Parrot was lucky enough to be born with a Diamond-beak, you may want to HODL. Half of the monthly royalties will be distributed evenly across all diamond-beak Mad Parrot holders.

The team


All the arty stuff

Two parrots holding torches and a wrench


All the web3 stuff


  • The Mad Parrot Crew is a unique collection of 10,000 randomly generated Mad Parrot NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They're pretty crazy, often unpredictable but actually quite lovely if you give them a chance. (They need a home, for the love of God - please take them)

  • The project was founded by Sheftali (artist & animator) and Iac (web3), but no single person is bigger than the crew. All Mad Parrot holders will have a say in the directions and decisions we make going forward!

  • At the time of mint, it will cost 0.06 ETH per Mad Parrot (aside from gas). You'll be allowed to mint up to up to 3 per wallet. In order to get more you'll have to browse on the secondary market.

  • The short answer is: Q1 2022. We want to make sure we're 100% ready before we launch, ensuring no unpleasant surprises. The exact date will be revealed in Discord followed by our social channels.

  • Hell yeah there's a presale list! Whilst we are very busy grafting to bring this project to life, we do keep an eye on our community and take note of who's putting the work in. We have no problem handing out spots to people we believe would make our crew awesome, so to be put on the presale list you just need to show us you care.

    Being active in Discord, promoting us on Twitter, setting your PFP to one of the MPCs in the #sneak-beaks (thanks, diegoleyva!) channel and generally just showing us love will definitely increases your chances!

    If you were quick enough to Join our Discord when it launched, then you were awarded the 'Early Bird' role which gave you the opportunity to be added to the presale list. (as well as other cool perks in the future)

  • Yes absolutely! As well as the giveaways detailed on the roadmap, we'll also be running competitions on Twitter so make sure you're following us on there!

  • Kiiiiinda! 10x Animated Mad Parrots. We will randomly select 10 NFTs from the collection and I (Sheftali) will be animating them from scratch (just like the derivatives I'm known for). These NFTs will come with a loopable video (Suitable for Discord) as well as the still image (Suitable for Socials).

    5 of these will be given away through Twitter, the other 5 will be mintable.