Minting is live!

A purple parrot with a green head, holding a beer, wearing a bandana and a denim jacket
A pair of Mad Parrots

Got 0.01 eth? of course you do.

Adopt a Mad Parrot. You'll love it; it'll love you. You'll also own the IP rights, so you can do tons of stuff. Fridge magnet? Poster? Bed Sheets? Pillow? Coaster? Lunch Box? T-Shirt? You name it, the sky's the limit (pun definitely intended).

Nah, but jokes aside, anybody who does mint, you have my undying gratitude; I'll love you forever because it's the gesture that counts. And anybody who knows me knows that I'm in web3 for the long term, and I'm ALWAYS building. So for any and all future projects, know that if you own one of my Mad Parrots, you'll get perks as a "non-fungible token of my appreciation" it's the least I can do.

Sheftali Sheftali
A pair of Mad Parrots

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Frequently asked questions

A pair of Mad Parrots
  • 3,333 (with some held back for early supporters), 0.01ethereum.

  • Negative and... negative. Everyone gets the same chance to mint, and you can see what your parrot looks like instantly!

  • Not for the moment. For now, it’s just about the art. That said, anybody who owns a Mad Parrot will be granted exclusive benefits for any future projects I get involved with.

  • I used Bueno. You can learn more about them at

A pair of Mad Parrots